Homecoming Football Game

Homecoming Football Game

Brandon Smith, Author

This FRIDAY at 7:00 p.m., The Spring Mills Cardinals will go head-to-head with the Hedgesville Eagles during our homecoming week. 

  October 1st at the Cardinals Nest, the Spring Mills Varsity Football Team will go against the Hedgesville Varsity Football team battling for supremacy during our Homecoming week. Spring Mills go 2 for 2 in which their season is almost coming close to an end; where every win is necessary for the Cardinals to keep on playing this season’s football. With Hedgesville being our rival tonight, we expect nothing less than a “clean sweep” because Junior, Laurance Kao stated that, “we are the cardinals, and they are the eagles we are simply the better bird respectfully.” 

The Cardinals team is wanting nothing, but to win this Friday. They are wanting to win the rest of their season. We expect our Cardinals too be head right and ready to annihilate the eagles in hopes to win. Get us in the spirit to keep continue, and support the cardinals in their last games of the season. As a team a family we should be able to work together, and win this Friday in hopes to have a chance in the playoffs. 

The students are wanting a lot from this game. They want it to be entertaining and worthwhile, and full of spirit. Carissa Ring, a sophomore, stated her passion for the team, saying, “I want to go support the team because someone dear to me is on the team, and I want to just see our team win.” Izzy Dozier, sophomore “I want to go, and hang out with my friends in our best frat gear. I want to go and support the Cardinals in hopes that they win this Friday.” 

This year’s student section will be “frat night.” wear all of your best frat gear in support of the cardinals being the alpha dogs during this Homecoming game. With getting everyone hyped on Friday we want everyone to bring that same energy during the football game creating a fun atmosphere. We are also announcing our court homecoming king and queen during our final hours during the game, also wish that there will be the band to help us get on our feet and enjoy ourselves during the game. We wish nothing, but the best for our Cardinals in hopes that they come out on top, and show the eagles what our cardinal pride is about.