Senior Athletes Reflect on Their Final Fall Season Coming to a Close


Carissa Ring, Author

With October nearing its end, fall sports are not far behind. For our seniors this means the end of their high school fall sport careers. To commemorate the seniors, the sport programs hold a special night of recognition for all the seniors in the program. Each senior is escorted by their family members while an announcer reads off what each senior’s future aspirations are as well as a brief reflection of their time on their team. “My senior night was an emotional night for me. It hit me that I was a senior and one of the days I was looking forward to was finally here.” Senior cheerleader Shelby Roccograndi expresses how senior night impacted her. 

The Spring Mills cheerleaders standing with the family for senior night.

The senior seasons themselves hit these athletes differently than how they did in previous seasons. Senior volleyball player Alyssa Rider admits that she made a realization during her senior season, “My senior season has made me realize that I should never take playing volleyball for granted again. It has brought me so many great friends and memories.” Her teammate senior, Elizabeth Greenfield, adds to this, “We are a small team this year so playing together made me really appreciate everyone playing.” 

The time the seniors have spent on their teams is something that holds special importance to each individual. When asked to explain his time on the team, senior football player Justus Fitzgerald conveyed the importance football has in his life, “My time on the team meant a lot to me. I’ve made lots of friendships. Football has given me a place to just have fun playing the sport I love and let go and not worry about certain things during practices and games.” 

The SMHS football team during their senior night game against Frankfort.

Most seniors agree that the bond shared on their team was what they would all miss most. Volleyball player, Ann Ofoegbu, being one of those seniors, “I’m going to miss being able to laugh with one another. They are truly amazing people inside and out. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.” Soccer senior Kami Cool will miss her teammates as well, “I’m going to miss playing with an amazing group of girls. We have really improved this year and really had a strong team. This year was the best and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.” 


With playoffs starting for some, and seasons ending for others, we would like to wish the best of luck to all athletes still competing as well as a great rest of the school year for others.