10 Horror Movies To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit


Carissa Ring, Author

Halloween is quickly approaching so here is a list of movies to get you into that Halloween spirit.


First we have a list for those who really want to get into that Halloween spirit with horror movies that take place on Halloween. 

  • Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark (2019)

-While breaking into an abandoned house, teenagers discover a book containing blood curdling tales. Once the book was opened, these fictional creatures began attacking the curious teens. 

  • House of the Witch (2017)

-A group of teens with a prank as a motive, break into their town’s famous “witch house”. Once inside, the teenagers are trapped and terrorized by a witch who won’t be satisfied until they are all dead. 

  • Trick r Treat (2007) 

-Sam, a mysterious boy with a burlap sack over his head, goes around the town of Warren Valley, Ohio on Halloween night, punishing anyone who lacks the spirit of this terrifying holiday. 

  • Terrifier (2016) 

-A crazy man dressed as a clown stalks and kills women on Halloween night in an apartment building. This movie is very gory so please only watch if you have a strong stomach. 

  • Hell House LLC (2015) 

-After a terrible accident at a haunted house, detectives find the lone survivor of the staff of the “Hell House”. She brings in tapes that documented her and her co-workers’ experience. The detectives were horrified with what they saw, this mock haunted house was real. 



For those who have found themselves with a lot of spare time over this fall season, this list is tailored for you! Up next we have horror series to help eat up some time over Halloween. 


  • The Halloween movies 1-13 (1978-2021)

-With the newest movie “Halloween Kills” debuting mid-October this killer series stars the serial killer Michael Myers, a man with inhuman strength. Myers, hinting to the name, kills on Halloween night. Wearing a mask, Myers primarily kills teenagers on the frightening holiday. 

  • The Conjuring 1-3 (2013-2021)

-With the newest of the three finding screens in June, this series is great for those who love the paranormal. With each movie claiming to be based on a true story, married couple Ed and Lorraine Warren help a new family in each movie that is struggling with demonic possession. 

  • Scream 1-4 (1996-2011) 

– The serial killer “ghost face”, dressed in a black cloak and mask, terrorizes the town of Woodsboro, California. Throughout the series this costumed killer focuses his murderous efforts on teenagers. The majority of the movies have more than one person hidden under the mask. 

  • Saw series 1-9 (2004-2021)

-For those with a strong stomach you may want to check this well-known series out. Serial killer “Jig-Saw” kidnaps people in a seemingly random order. These people are then put through a series of lethal traps, forcing them to make difficult decisions along the way. 

  • Insidious 1-4 (2010-2018) 

-This series revolves around Elise Rainer, a paranormal investigator. In each movie Elise helps families by travelling into “the further” which how she refers to the other side. This series has a weird timeline so I would recommend checking all the movies out so you get the full story.