Ask A Senior: Natasha Kaiser


Ash Butts, Author

Natasha Kaiser is a photographer who plans to major in photojournalism at NYU. She’s the Vice President of the National Honor Society and the historian of the Student Government Association. She’s also the senior editor of the literary magazine.

She gives us some advice for students of the arts.

“For beginning artists, it’s good that you find a way to express your creativity. Find the media that’s right for you. Art is not about comparing yourself with other artists, everyone has a different style”

Natasha Kaiser’s photography piece “We Must Learn To Live”


I asked her what inspires her to keep going with her art.

“I feel like what inspires me to keep doing art is inspiring people.” 

When it comes to school advice, she has a few statements to add.

“Think less of academic achievements and more about personal growth. Enjoy yourself while you have the opportunity. Do everything you have ever felt passionate about and explore everything while you have the opportunity.”

Natasha showing off her piece, “We Must Learn To Live”