Ask A Senior: Jenna Gross


Riley Betterelli, Author

Jenna Gross is a Senior at Spring Mills High School. Right now, her only plan is to graduate and get into a college she has been researching. She also wants to be a social psychology major.  

Jenna said this about being a senior compared to being a freshman, “I have more confidence around the school! I think it’s just having been stuck in the same building for four years now that makes me feel more comfortable here.” 

Jenna also said this about being a senior, “I’m struggling with the sudden realization that I have so much to do in just these last few months while I’m still here. I guess I just have to come to terms with that before graduation!” 

She has some wise words for underclassmen who are struggling, “The harder you work now, the easier it’ll be later down the line. Also, try to have fun! Make sure you spend time with friends and family, and don’t get stuck spending four years sitting in your room desperately stressing over math homework.”