Winter Sports Preview


Alex Garland

After such a long wait to get back into playing it’s almost time for the 2021 winter sports to begin. Basketball, Swimming and Wrestling seasons are all coming upon us fast and it may be a little difficult to get all the information possible. But if you want to play you need to know and this will get you all the information you need.


Boys Basketball

After a season of hardwork and dedication being met with the troubles of a global pandemic the basketball season is almost back. Conditioning for the next year has already begun. After the work-outs, the tryouts will be held November 15th and 16th. The official start date of the 2021 basketball season will be December 7th


Girls Basketball

Although they faced similar problems, the 2020 season was a unique and difficult one for our lady cardinals. Similar to the boys, conditioning has already begun. The tryouts are November 8th. Drumroll please……. The 2021 girls basketball season begins December 7th against Millbrook. 



Swimming with masks? Impossible. Now on the rebound of the Covid-19 pandemic swimming season is back! Their dry workouts and lifting have already begun and swim practice will begin October 26th. Those will consist of swimming 3-4 times a week for an hour. See Mr. Mcintosh for more information.



Wrestling information will be available as soon as possible!



All sports in this article usually end in late February or early March