Faith Feeding Freedom

Faith Feeding Freedom

Carissa Ring, Author

Seven percent of families in the Eastern Panhandle live below the poverty line. Over five hundred people find themselves homeless, and this number continues to grow. With the winter months around the corner, these families are in need of help. Thankfully there is a local nonprofit organization that is feeding over seventy five people each week. 

 Faith Feeding Freedom was founded by Toni Weisberg on November 30th, 2018. Faith Feeding Freedom is located in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Weisberg was working with a group in Hagerstown, Maryland that focused on feeding the homeless and hungry when she noticed the need for assistance in our area.  She stepped out of her previous organization to start Faith Feeding Freedom.

The mission of Faith Feeding Freedom is to provide for the hungry and homeless. Aside from providing food, they also provide prayer, friendship, advice, and a listening ear to those in need of a companion. Every Friday, Faith Feeding Freedom meets at the Martinsburg library at 11:30 to provide food for those in need. Every Tuesday, the volunteers of the program drive around Martinsburg looking for anyone they can help, giving them a paper bag. The bag contains food as well as hygiene products. This organization also provides clothing, shoes, socks, sleeping bags, backpacks, and tents. In the colder months, they will provide the homeless with coats, blankets, hand and foot warmers, and propane for portable stoves. 

People gather at 11:30 on Friday September 10th to receive food in front of the Martinsburg library.

Aside from the weekly events that Faith Feeding Freedom holds, they also organize annual events. Every August, they have the back to school backpack program. Volunteers use donated school supplies to pack backpacks for children in need. Another event they have is the Kid’s Christmas in the Square. On Christmas Eve, Santa and his elves hand out presents and clothing to both the children and the elderly of Martinsburg! Following the gift giving Faith Feeding Freedom provides a Christmas dinner and desserts for anyone in need. 

Faith Feeding Freedom celebrating Kid’s Christmas in the square on Christmas Eve.

The girls soccer team reached out to Faith Feeding Freedom so they could do volunteer work for the hungry and homeless this Fall. The Lady Cardinals decorated paper bags with encouraging messages and phrases. After the bags were decorated they were filled with snacks, hygiene items, and a sandwich. These bags were then handed out by volunteers when Faith Feeding Freedom “Hit the Streets” on Tuesday to give the bags to anyone in need. 

The Spring Mills Lady Cardinals soccer team posing in front of the Faith Feeding Freedom van after preparing paper bags with the organization.

Faith Feeding Freedom and Toni Weisberg still have future goals for the organization, “We want to find a building the homeless can come to, that would allow them to take a shower, do their laundry, and to just sit down in a warm or cool place depending on the time of year.” Another project they are working on is getting lockers for the homeless. These lockers will prevent stealing among the homeless.

This organization runs off donations so your help would be greatly appreciated! If anyone is interested please check out their website to get involved!