Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Stegal

Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Stegal

Adrianna Krach, Author

The woman, the myth, the legend, our very own Mrs. Stegal. 

If you don’t know, Mrs. Stegal is our tech lady here at Spring Mills High School. She maintains all the devices and software in the building, including but not limited to our chromebooks, and the teachers laptops as well. Furthermore, she works on the desktops, smartboards, and projectors, “If it plugs in, I get called first ”.  Stegal also works with the teachers in the building planning and building lessons online. 


Stegal said that her favorite part of the job was when she actually gets to work with the teachers and students. She said she misses when it was a more common occurrence like in her early days of her job, whereas now it’s more technology based. She really enjoys making lessons that get the students excited and helping teachers incorporate ways to let students use their arts and talents to complete said projects. 


Stegal used to spend 9 or 10 hours working, but as of late, she’s cut back her office hours from 7 to 3; when she’s home however, the job does not cease, even then she’s on the clock. 

In her free time, she enjoys fishing, and currently she enjoys re- learning how to ride her motorcycle after ten whole years of break. Mrs. Stegal is originally from Kentucky and moved here for her husband’s job in Loudoun County. 


Stegal has been doing her job for roughly 26 years and for 15 years with us between SMMS and SMHS. She really likes her job and the school atmosphere and plans to stick around for years to come.