A Change of Rules at SMHS

A Change of Rules at SMHS

Adrianna Krach, Author


During the COVID year, we were faced with the issues of social distancing and keeping contact to a minimum. In return, we came up with one way hallways, some were fans; others were not. Regardless, they brought about some good and some bad. 

Some kids were late to class due to the change, and others were arriving earlier. It solved problems and created new ones, but it seems the opposing side has triumphed. One way halls are no more. 

On top of the removal of one way halls, we have a new cell phone policy being revived from past years. Rather than phones and tech being off and away at all class times, we’re bringing back the Red, Yellow, and Green Light Policy.  

When you’re on ‘Red Light’ phones are meant to be off and away, yellow means that you’re allowed to have your devices out, but face down on your desk, and green means go! You’re allowed on your phone (limitations on doing what up to the teacher at hand). 

The times are changing here at Spring Mills High School.