5 Things to do to avoid ‘Those’ family members this Thanksgiving

5 Things to do to avoid ‘Those’ family members this  Thanksgiving

Alex Garland

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and we all know what it’s like to be stuck with ‘Those’ family members. This list will show you 5 ways to get those annoying in-laws, cousins, or crazy aunts out of your hair long enough to be out of your house too. Good Luck!

  • Get a Job

You want a really good excuse they can’t see through? Here’s the perfect one for you. Getting a job not only guarantees you a one way ticket to salvation but also gives you want we all really want out of this life, M O N E Y! Use with caution but you may not want to be stuck flipping burgers your entire break or the rest of the school year even but I’d take this into very serious consideration.

  • Fake Sick

Another way to keep them out of your hair is faking sick. Although it’s a rather devious technique, it is very effective. Just tell them your throat is sore and you must stay in your room, and if you play it well enough they’ll believe when you magically feel better on that amazing day next Thursday.

  • Stay at a friends house

If you’re certain you won’t be able to hold your tongue the next time your uptight aunt asks you to fetch her another diet Pepsi, use your homies as an excuse. Simply staying the night there for any amount of time is at least a little helpful and could possibly save you from the 5th night in a row of shoots and ladders with your 6 year old cousins.

  • Do your homework!

Look I know we all hate it, but this is the one time you might have mixed emotions. When Aunt Patricia comes dressed in her usual unusual attire, Mrs. Sampsons homework might be your saving grace, your guardian angel, your guiding light. Go up there and work because nobody can tell you it isn’t important and noone (hopefully) is going to make you stop.


  • Deal with it

If you can’t think of any ways yourself or you’re simply too nervous they’ll call you out for avoiding them, it might be time to give in and go to the kitchen. They are family and I’m sure you love most of them, but I too get that cray-cray Aunt Jenny can be a bit too much. Spending time with them can’t physically hurt you (hopefully) and is a really good way of showing them that you care (because we know you do).