Staff Member of the Week: Mrs. Fleming


Carissa Ring, Author

This week’s staff member of the week is our librarian Mrs. Fleming!

Mrs. Fleming joined the Spring Mills High School staff with the school’s opening in 2013, transferring from Spring Mills primary school. She is our library media specialist. Her job entails tasks such as taking care of the library’s condition, watching the books that flow in and out of the library, and purchasing the books that are placed in the library. Mrs. Fleming’s duties can also extend outside of the library since she is called to help out in classrooms occasionally. Before covid hit Mrs. Fleming was the mock interview coordinator. Mock interviews are offered to the junior and senior classes to help them prepare for real job interviews. Fleming hopes that these can soon be brought back. 

Mrs. Fleming attended Shepherd University receiving a degree in family and consumer sciences as well as a minor in library science. She chose to pursue the librarian career because her mother was a librarian. Before going off to college Mrs. Fleming’s mom told her to get a library science degree just in case, and lucky for us she did! “I’ve always enjoyed reading. I’m the kind of person that likes to help people, so it’s very fitting for my personality.” 

Mrs. Fleming’s pastimes include, the obvious for a librarian, reading. However, she can also be seen kayaking, hiking, and spending time with family. She also enjoys taking her dogs to the dog park where she has met a lot of new friends! 

Mrs. Fleming with her two dogs.

“Treat school as your job. Good habits are formed for the future by getting up every morning and doing the best that you can. Even on your off days, love being in high school because you only get to do this once in your lifetime. You don’t want to spend it wishing you’re out of school because you’ll miss it. To me this is the best time of your life and you should enjoy every minute of it.”