Kitzie’s is a Crowd Favorite


Carissa Ring, Author

Kitzie’s has made a splash in the Spring Mills area since it’s opening in 2015. Profiting mostly off their seafood dishes, Kitzie’s has been able to provide patrons with happy stomachs for six years. With the restaurant’s 4.5 stars it’s easy to understand why on most nights you will find the parking lot of the restaurant packed. Kitzie’s is located at 5623 Williamsport Pike, directly next to Sheetz. 

Kitzie’s menu is diverse and tailors even to the pickiest of eaters. With the most popular being the crab and seafood dishes, the restaurant also offers steak, wings, sandwiches, chicken, pasta, and burgers. Kitzie’s has a selection of alcoholic drinks that you can receive at the bar in the middle of the restaurant or you can order them to your table. On Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day Kitzie’s offers special meals for families. 

Kitzie’s interior

Kitzie’s warm atmosphere is recognizable as soon as you enter the door. The lighting in the restaurant is dimmer than most, but this reinforces the homey feel the restaurant provides. Patrons can expect the servers to be extremely pleasant and for them to check on you frequently. With Kitzie’s newly installed patio, guests can now enjoy their meals outside!

Considering the demand for Kitzie’s food I personally think the restaurant is a little small. This leads to the tables being a little close together, so getting in and out of your chair may be a little awkward at times. Sometimes walking down the aisles may be a little challenging. The amount of people in the restaurant may be a little suffocating at times, so that is why I would advise making a reservation before going. However, the food makes up for the only criticism I could find in the restaurant. 

Kitzie’s cream of crab soup.

One of the most popular dishes at Kitzie’s is their cream of crab soup. One bite of this rich soup and it’s obvious why it is such a popular dish. Pair this up with one of the tasteful entrees and that makes for the perfect dinner. The overall atmosphere, service, and quality of Kitzie’s food makes the restaurant a place that everyone should check out!