Is the McPlant simply McOkay

Is the McPlant simply McOkay

 After years of begging from vegetarians, McDonald’s finally debuted its long-awaited meat-less burger, the McPlant. 


 Right now, the chain is only testing the burger, made in collaboration with a primarily plant-based meat brand Beyond Meat, at eight of its locations throughout the United States. In addition to the Beyond patty made with rice, peas, and potatoes, which was developed exclusively for McDonald’s, there is a slice of American cheese, a messy tangle of shredded iceberg lettuce, pickle slices, and a few drops of mayonnaise and ketchup. All together, the elements on the U.S. McPlant makes for a decidedly welcome new fast-food vegetarian option. 


 Its real competition among those seeking to make a transfer to eating less meat, however, would be the Impossible Whopper. Introduced by Burger King in 2019, the Impossible Whopper is arguably the gold standard of meatless burgers at American fast-food restaurants. 


 Ultimately, the McPlant is a pretty big win for vegetarians, especially those people who generally find themselves at a fast-food restaurant without a whole lot of alternatives. It is also a good choice for people who are just looking to cut down their meat consumption. Now that McDonald’s is finally in the game, it is likely that the coming months will bring a meatless arms race to the world of fast food as every chain tries to figure out what its future looks like with less meat.


 Less meat at fast-food chains can only be a good thing but there’s going to be a point when people get tired of simply being grateful that meatless options exist and demand the same care and attention that is put into making beef and chicken taste great.