The Life of a Student: Justus Fitzgerald


Carissa Ring, Author

Justus Fitzgerald is a senior here at Spring Mills High school. He spent the last two years as a receiver on the varsity football team. Justus was also a thrower on the track team prior to COVID. “My experiences in sports have definitely given me experience I won’t forget. They’ve gotten me better physically and overall I think they’ve helped me to improve as a person and taught me to be resilient.”

Like many students, Justus faces the stress of school, “I’d say highschool definitely caused a lot of stress for me personally, especially the last two years. With COVID, SAT’s, worrying about college, and of course keeping up my grades, it definitely causes a bit of stress.” He also faces the common problem of lack of sleep and gets an average of four hours per night. To compensate for his lack of sleep Justus takes a long nap when he gets home from school in hopes of ending out the day refreshed. 

Justus describes his overall highschool experience as “interesting”. “I’ve definitely grown a lot over the last four years. I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences I would’ve never had. I’ve met a lot of people, including my girlfriend and several life long friends.” As for his current school year Justus enjoys his sociology class the most,” I think the class itself is interesting as you get to learn a lot about how the human mind works and how people interact with each other. I also think Ms. Gletner is a great teacher.”  

Outside of school Justus enjoys weight lifting. He also loves watching his favorite sport football with his favorite team being the Dallas cowboys. When he is not watching football, he’s playing it on his Xbox. Even though all of these are lovely, Justus enjoys spending time with his girlfriend the most. His favorite things to do with her are going on dates, baking, watching movies, and playing video games. “She always seems to make me happy and I just enjoy all the time I get with her.” 

Justus and his girlfriend, Carissa, during homecoming.

Justus plans on going to college, although, admittedly he isn’t quite sure of the career he wants to pursue. However, he plans on majoring in marketing and getting a political science minor. “ I’m not too into politics from an opinion standpoint, but I think politics is very interesting and it would be something I’d be very interested in studying.” To get through college, Justus, like many students, will need a lot of motivation and he says he gets that from his parents and his girlfriend, “ My parents for one, I want to make them proud and be the best son I can be. Being the first person in my family to graduate college is something I use to motivate myself. My girlfriend pushes me every single day. She tries to make sure I get my work done and I just want to be the best version of myself for her.”