Feature: Britney Smith

Izzy Dozier

Britney Smith is an athletic trainer and science teacher at Spring Mills High School. She spends the first half of her day teaching biology upstairs in the science wing. Once the school day ends, she makes her way downstairs to the athletic training room. There she checks athletic progress and does pre and post-practice treatment. During the sports practices, she tries to plan for her classes. It is also part of her job to call parents and talk to coaches about athlete injuries. 

The most stressful part of Britney’s job is knowing whether or not she is doing the right thing with injury treatment and severity. She tries her best to save parents and students money by treating injuries in the house. She worries that at times she could be wasting time with treatment when she should be sending an athlete to a specialist. Another stressful part of her job is breaking the bad news that a season is overdue to injury.

Britney’s favorite part of her job is creating bonds with the students. She doesn’t have any children of her own. So all of the athletes and students who work with her feel like her own children or younger siblings. 

To students interested in athletic training, Britney says, “Don’t do it.” The job requirements have changed from a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This causes you to end schooling with even more student loans. The salary for this job vs. how much you would be paying for schooling does not match. The work-to-life balance is not great either. One good thing about the job is getting to watch lots of sports games year-round.

After parting ways with spring mills, Britney has plans of going back to school to become a PA. Then, finding a job as a general practitioner. She would love to make her way back to spring mills as a sideline PA at athletic events. 

So many students look up to and appreciate Brittany. Here are some of the things they have said about her–


“I strive to be like her. She’s kind to everyone and helps people get better.”


“She inspired me to keep going and not to give up even when I was thinking about quitting.”


“… she still finds ways to make other people happy. She’s always giving and caring. She cares about you and your personal life.”


“She makes it obvious that she genuinely cares”


“She gets a lot of sh*t from a ton of athletes and not a lot of thank yous. I respect Brittany and thank her for all she does for Spring Mills. Even when it’s sometimes a thankless job.”