Shining a Spotlight SMHS Theatre

Adrianna Krach, Author

With everyone working away at wrapping up the first semester this week, I thought we could take some time to focus on the theatre kids who are working away already at premiering for their show in the third quarter. 


The 39 steps is a comedy, practically trolling every murder mystery movie ever made. “It’s a fun show to watch over,” says Freshmen light operator Morgan Gaither. 

She says that rehearsals mainly consist of running the show, whether this being on the technical end of working the lights, or memorizing and acting out scenes for the actors. Gaither also jokes that as the light operator “I get to blind everyone at my will. I don’t do it on purpose but I usually end up doing it.” 

Junior, Kenzie Anderson absolutely loves being a part of after school theatre. According to her, “the vibe is fun,” of course she says there’s times where they mean business, but they’re always joking.

“I get to hang out with fun people and people I love,” she shares, “and we all get to help with something we love.” 


Both girls agreed that everyone is very close, almost like a family dynamic. Gaither even said that some of the friends she’d made by participating had come to support her at her recent concert. 

The two agreed that it takes a lot of hard work but that they love it nonetheless, for the people and for the shows. They also both raved about how they’d encourage anyone to join if they were thinking about it. “We could always use more help!” 

It was a mutual agreement from them both that they were very excited for 39 Steps to come together for the public’s viewing pleasure. 


They also made it a clear point to stress that working theatre production isn’t just acting onstage! Working on any theatre production has other equally important roles such as makeup, stagehands, directors, light operators, sound board operators, and the whole shabang. 


For anyone interested in afterschool theatre, they strongly recommend reaching out to Mr. Riese for further details and information about upcoming productions and how to get involved!