Five Things to do to get back into the High School Mood


Adrianna Krach, Author

Winter Break has come to its close and it’s time to face reality and bring ourselves back to school. For some, break was too short, others too long but for now we’re back inside the walls of Spring Mills High School. 


  1. Plan for Spring Break 

It may be a little early to plan your escape just yet but for some, it’s what they need to get through these next couple of months. 


  1. Focus on the Fun Stuff

Basketball season is in full swing, for those who are in it for the sports. There’s the premiere of ‘The 39 Steps’ next upcoming weekend for those Theatre kids at heart, and there’s of course Prom in May. Prom might be far away but it may be something to cling to for this year’s Juniors and Seniors.


  1. Think about your future

For the seniors, this is coming up rather quickly. High school is a time for fun and growing up, but it’s also a time to begin planning. Think about what colleges you want to attend or careers you want to pursue. 


  1. Think about how time flies

You could choose to be miserable, sulk all about how school is terrible and you despise it, but I promise you it’s so much more fun to embrace it. You get to see your friends, you get to socialize instead of sitting in your room behind a laptop for hours on end doing work you also dislike. By the end of your four years it’ll probably feel like almost no time has passed at all and the moment you’re out in the world you’ll wonder where it went. Don’t pay attention to the bad side, focus on how amazing the good is. 


  1. Remember that it could always be worse

You could be sitting back at Spring Mills Middle with seven years to go compared to the four max you’ve currently got. All the school, none of the fun, so just focus on the fact you’ve got much more freedom than you did back then. 


It’s not all so bad, but for a bonus extra; if you really can’t stand school, just picture how great summer will be this year. That is one sure way you’ll manage to survive the final semester. 


Best of luck!