10 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know was Born in West Virginia

10 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know was Born in West Virginia

Riley Betterelli, Author

There are a lot of celebrities that were born in West Virginia that you probably didn’t know. West Virginia isn’t usually talked about and it’s nice to know that there are famous people from West Virginia. Here are ten celebrities that were born in West Virginia. Some of these people weren’t raised in West Virginia, but they were born here.  

  • Steve Harvey 

Yes, we all know Steve Harvey. The host of “Family Feud” was born in Welch, West Virginia. He was in “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” and “Celebrity Family Feud”. He has won many awards and Emmy awards. He has a road named after him in West Virginia.  

  • Brad Paisley 

Brad Paisley is a country singer and songwriter. He was born in Glen Dale, West Virginia. He has set a record for the most consecutive singles in 2009. He has sold 11 million albums and won three Grammy’s. 

  • Randy Moss 

Randy Moss is a former American Football Player. He was born in Rand, West Virginia. He holds a record for the most touchdown receptions in a season in 2007. 

  • Heath Slater 

Heath Slater is a professional wrestler. He was born in Pineville, West Virginia. He’s a four-time Tag Team champion in the WWE.  

  • Brad Dourif 

Brad Dourif has been in many iconic roles. The voice actor for Chucky/Charles Lee Ray in “Child’s Play” was born in Huntington, West Virginia. He was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe.  

  • Ashley Brooke Mitchell 

Ashley Brooke Mitchell, the reality TV star, was born in West Virginia. She competed in multiple seasons of “MTV’s The Challenge”. She won the Invasion of the Champions and Final Reckoning. 

  • Leah Messer 

Leah Messer is from Teen Mom 2. She was born in Elkview, West Virginia. She’s a former cheerleader.  

  • Chris Sarandon 

Chris Sarandon is a famous actor. The voice of “Jack Skellington” was born in Beckley, West Virginia. He played Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride.  

  • Bernie Casey 

Bernie Casey is an American Actor. He was born in Wyco, West Virginia. He was in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Sharky’s Machine, and many more.  

  • John Corbett 

John Corbett is an actor and country music singer. He was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. He is mainly known for his role in Northern Exposure. One of his albums reached number 45 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.