Seniors! Scholarships and college opportunities

Brandon Smith, Author

Seniors! Get your hands on scholarships for college this year. Seniors are on the gap of graduating the year of 2022, and college is around the corner. Earning money for your major is a must, to ensure that you try and stay out of debt for the school years to come. SMHS has scholarships up on school website under school counseling from January to February 15, it’s also where you will find the link to the SAT, and a guide to help you out with completing your FASFA.  

SAT is another way to earn your scholarship “money.” taking this test and getting a high score on it; can ensure you that you would be guaranteed money toward your intended major from the school. Take as many tests as you want to take. Sign up on the College Board or talk to your school counselor Mr. Davis for more information about the latest for taking the test.  

Fasfa is another way to earn money for college. Your fasfa is a must! Spring Mills will be having in-school help on filling out the fasfa if you need guidance on filling it out on February 18, in the LGI room during lunches and February 26 in the library at 9-11am. The deadline for most fasfas is on March 1, 2022. 

Graduation is on its way seniors. If you plan on going to college this year, it would be reasonable to get your hands on scholarships to help better your chances of not being in debt for the school years to come. Juniors, you can start applying for scholarships as well. Get a head start on earning your coins! Especially depending on the major, you want to go into college for, get ahead of the game. Contact SMHS councilors for more information:  

9th grade: Mrs. Lyons / 10th grade: Ms. Warfield 

11th gradeMrs. Copenhaver / 12th gradeMr. Davis