Top 20 Taylor Swift Songs You Should Listen to!


Adrianna Krach, Author

(Not ranked because quite frankly, I can’t decide)


Sparks Fly

Off the album Speak Now, this song is perfect for when you just can’t get that person out of your mind. Not yet re released under Taylor’s Version, it’s still an amazing song.


All Too Well (Ten Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)

Re released on Taylor’s album Red, she added an additional five minutes to the song and made it her own. 


Red (Taylor’s Version) 

Do you ever just want to feel nostalgic? Because in my opinion this embodies that feeling where you’re reminiscing but also grateful that time is over, though not forgetting the memories you made. 


Paper Rings 

Off of the album Lover, it’s another song that just radiates the best energy imaginable. 


Mr. Perfectly Fine 

In the sour chance you recently just endured a… slightly messy breakup, or you just take interest in raging over anything and everything in a manner that isn’t considered ‘crazy’; this may be the song for you. 


Teardrops on my Guitar 

Maybe he’s just not that into you… which is perfectly fine, because this song is here for you to sob to.



Because you will do greater things than just dating that boy on the football team, even if you don’t quite know it yet.


The Lucky One

Ironically, for when you aren’t feeling that lucky.


London Boy 

We know you’re in your Andrew Garfield phase (Roll No Way Home credits here), and this is definitely your song for the next few weeks. 



Off of the album 1989, this song is brilliant for when you’re feeling good about the day. 


Back to December

This song does not get nearly enough love in my opinion, and it really should! 



Coming from the album reputation, it certainly reset an era for Taylor Swift. This entire album actually was the moment for Taylor fans. 



This is for those of you that maybe feel constantly at fault, those who blame themselves and need that caring shoulder to cry on. 


Should’ve Said No

Again, this is for the ones with some pent up anger… more than likely towards an ex. We’re not judging, have your fun with this hit from Taylor’s self-titled album.


The Man

Because it’s true. 



For you, for the person that is the best thing to ever be yours. 


Everything has Changed

(ft. Ed Sheeran)

This song is precious and should be treated as such; not to mention it may be hitting a little harder for our seniors, and everyone after COVID. 


 Never Grow Up 

Yet another song from Speak Now, but what can I say? The album is top tier. This song specifically is the definition of ‘bittersweet’ and I can’t lie, can be a tearjerker. 


 Treacherous (Taylor’s Version)

Another of her re-released songs, this is good for when you need calm music, but also need to hear the truth how it is. 


Stay Stay Stay

Ending on a happy, upbeat note; This is a song for when you’re happy, or want to be. Bonus if you happen to be helplessly in love.