The 39 Steps; A Spring Mills High School Play


Adrianna Krach, Author

This weekend, January 14th-January 16th, our after school Theatre kids will be putting on a production of The 39 Steps. 


Directed by Spring Mills High student, Dorothy Hinkle, The 39 Steps is like a spy-murder-comedy that is heavy on the chaos. Truthfully, The 39 Steps can only be described by name. There are about thirty characters, some played by the same actors, also known as SMHS students. 


This play was completely at the hands of Spring Mills Students, from the directing, to the lights, to the actors onstage. 


Upon looking into the play I got a chance to ask some of the cast and crew about their opinions on the play. Overall, the response was clear; this was a show they definitely enjoyed taking part in. 


I spoke with SMHS seniors Jordan Busey and Kenzal Jones, who described the scene as fun, and chaotic. I also got a moment with freshman Morgan Gaither who said that she was just happy to be a part of it in general. “It is so fun to work with everyone. Everyone is so kind and funny,” she said, “I really feel like everyone is my second family.” Gaither also said that she’s excited for everyone to see all the work everyone put in come together. 


Furthermore, I also managed to speak with Angelina Park, a sophomore that’s first play at SMHS is in fact, The 39 Steps. I asked Park what her favorite costume was in the play and she replied that she loves the character Annabella’s red dress at the beginning of the play. She said that all of the costumes are great but that this was one to definitely look out for. 


Park also mentioned what it’s like to have participated in the making of the show. “Joining was definitely a big commitment,” Park says, “All of us are very close and love having a good time but also know when it’s time to get ourselves together and get the job done.” She mentioned also that everyone onstage and off works so very hard at their job, that everyone is equally as important. 

Overall, everyone involved that I got to speak with said that they’re very excited to finally have all the hard work be seen by everyone. 


With all that said, The 39 Steps will be available for all to see Friday and Saturday at 7pm in the Auditorium of the school; On Sunday, the show will take place at 2pm. 


The cast, crew, and us here at the Bird’s Eye View look forward to seeing you there!