5 Popular Foods in West Virginia

5 Popular Foods in West Virginia

Ash Butts, Author

West Virginia is a state known for its tree covered mountains. Over these years, many foods have been made and discovered. Some now have festivals, and others have become staples of West Virginia. 

  • Pepperoni Rolls

Pepperoni rolls are a well known staple food in West Virginia. They became a food in 1927 when a coal miner, Giuseppe Argiro, took bread and pepperoni into the mines for lunch. They became so popular that he quit coal mining and opened the Country Club Bakery. It was a hit, and they sold for around 45 cents each. Other diners and bakeries started to put their own spin on them. You can find pepperoni rolls almost everywhere throughout the state.

  • Golden Delicious Apple

On February 20th, 1995, the Golden Delicious Apple was named the state fruit of West Virginia. Every year, the most famous apple is celebrated at the annual Clay County Golden Delicious Festival. The golden delicious is the 15th most popular cultivar in the United States. These apples taste like sweet, spicy apple cider.

  • Buckwheat Pancakes

The smell of buckwheat pancakes marks the beginning of fall in West Virginia. The pancakes are actually made without wheat and that makes them gluten free. They are great with sausage or bacon and came from buckwheat flour. Buckwheat flour has been cultivated in the upper St. John River Valley of Maine and New Brunswick since the late 1780s.

  • Apple Butter

Annually since 1974, Berkeley Springs has held an Apple Butter Festival. Apple butter was made by the Appalachian’s as a fall delicacy to last through the winter. It can be made to be sweet or to have a bit of spice. Personal versions would be made by families and organizations to fit their tastes. Creating a large amount takes a big copper kettle, apples and patiences. Apple butter goes great on oatmeal, biscuits, or anything that needs some extra sweetness or spice.

  • Venison

 Deer hunting is a big part of West Virginia, and its history so naturally venison has become part of West Virginia’s popular food list. When cooked correctly, it has a tender feeling, and a taste that’s very unique compared to beef or chicken. Venison can be cooked with many things and in many ways.