Pop Out to Papa Johns


Mmm how good a pizza would be right now huh? Or would it… No, It really would. Recently, through both interviews and investigation we broke down one of America’s top pizza chains, Papa Johns, and we have the inside scoop or shall I say ‘slice’. 

Now, as we all know Papa John’s slogan is, “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza”, and it was our mission to find out just how credible that claim is. After a 2017 incident, the founder of the company and now former CEO John Schnatter had this to say, “It’s not the same product. It just doesn’t taste as good.” So, we had to check for ourselves. We ordered a large cheese pizza and took it to an Italian family for review. Within the first minute we knew the answer. It is higher quality. Their vegetables are prepared fresh and the pizza sauce is produced with very “high quality ingredients”. 

The credibility of the slogan wasn’t our only question however. We wanted to see the inside conditions of the company as well. So we started to interview the workers. “It’s a very healthy environment”, said one worker. Another, also anonymous, said, “The workload is very manageable and the coworkers are extremely nice.” Everyone we asked had no problems with the place. 

The final question we asked was about sanitation. As a country in recovery from a global pandemic being clean is extremely important. We watched procedures and saw numerous actions taken to ensure safety from anything nasty or unsanitary. Those procedures consisted of washing hands before preparing pizzas and after taking breaks, cleaning all countertops and doors, and sanitation of all the equipment used throughout the day.

Honestly it’s a pretty nice shop. The people are nice. The food is good and it’s just a great place to go. No controversy. No deep dark conspiracy. Just pizza. 10 out of 10