Get To Know the Girls Basketball Team!


Carissa Ring, Author

Our Spring Mills Varsity Girls Basketball team is half way through their season sitting with an even record of 6-6. Despite what the record may suggest, our girl’s team has gone undefeated against opponents in our region.  The coaching staff is made up of head coach George Gosk and assistant coaches Jayla Crane, Kyaira Page, and Shannon Layton. “ We are very young with only two seniors on the team and we start two freshmen and two sophomores. They are also very hungry to be successful and know what is on the line each and every game.” Gosk admitted. 

Prior to the season a couple expectations were made for the team both by the players and the coaches, with states being a large expectation for the team. “The main and only preseason expectation I had for our team is to win states and I do believe we will meet that expectation.” Junior guard, Mya Griffin expresses. Coach Gosk backs up Griffin’s statement with his own expectation for his team, “Coming into this season we wanted to win our sectional and regional championships, and we always expect to compete for a state championship each and every year.”  

Girls basketball team in front of a Christmas tree.

It is imperative that teams set goals for themselves, with the primary goal for our girls basketball team being winning the state championship. When asked about his goals for the team, Gosk expanded on his earlier statement about winning the sectional and regional championships, “ I would like to see us get home court advantage in our sectional and regional playoffs and get a higher seed in the state tournament. As coaches we work hard everyday to prepare our ladies for every opponent and every game by how we plan practice. It is up to the players to execute our staff during practice and games and give the best energy and effort each and every game.” Mya Griffin focuses more on a game to game goal, “ The goal is always to win. Ultimately if that doesn’t happen, the goal is to always have good sportsmanship.”

Having a strong bond is important to any successful sports team. A closer bond often means better performance. Strong team bonds help push you to become a better player. “Our team bond is like family. This definitely helps me to push myself to become better and do my best not to let my teammates down,” sophomore Faith Bush expressed. Point guard Kilah Dandridge concurs with Bush, “The team bond is great. It gives us better chemistry on the court.”


The varsity girls basketball team during their trip to South Carolina.

Challenges are inevitable to any sports season. Sophomore center Ella Hawkins recognizes the challenges that her team has faced thus far, “ Our coaches purposely made our schedule really hard so we’ve played some tough teams.” When Gosk was asked about what he had found was most difficult for his team he said, “ Getting off to a slow start, we struggled early to win some very close games. We started off the season 1-6, but now we are 6-6.” However Gosk has seen some improvement as the season has progressed from his team with, “ Being able to compete and win games in the 4th quarter against good teams.”

The girl’s basketball team took a trip to South Carolina back in December. There they played three basketball games, one per day. At the tournament the girls went 1-2, beating the host of the tournament, the South Carolina Hilton Head Islanders. During the tournament an all tournament team was picked. This team included our own, Kilah Dandridge. Ella Hawkins reflects on her trip,“The trip was fun but really tough. We played really good teams and every game was really close and stressful. It was fun being able to hang out with everyone. It was helpful being able to see what the state tournament would be like because we were all playing teams on the same level we’d see at states.” Faith Bush saw the trip as a learning experience, “ Even though we lost two of our games I think we played really well. It was overall a good experience and I learned a lot from it.” 

Be sure to come out and support our lady Cardinals as they compete to make it to the state tournament!