The Falling Waters Waterfall Is A Wonderful Site


Carissa Ring, Author

Falling Waters is not known for their attractions. However, it does possess a waterfall which is accredited for the naming of the town. This waterfall flows directly into the nearby Potomac River. To find this waterfall you will have to search for the historical marker on Encampment Road. From there all you have to do is pull into the small parking lot and walk a very short dirt trail.  

The town of Falling Waters was established in 1815. This town is the site of two Civil War battles, the Battle of Hoke’s Run, July 1861 and the Battle of Falling Waters, July 1863 . The Battle of Falling Waters occurred only a couple hundred yards from the falls. On his passing of the falls in a letter home to his wife Sergeant Andrew Malseed regarded the falls as, “Splendid”.  As union General Robert Patterson and his troops crossed the Potomac, “Stonewall” Jackson, a young confederate colonel at the time, awaited on the other side. 

Falling Water waterfall in the fall.

Due to all the deaths in the area surrounding the falls, people believe the site to be haunted. An old mill was once built next to the falls. It soon became unoccupied and passerbys would notice mysterious lights turning on and off. In some cases they even would see the silhouettes of people standing in the windows. The mill has since been torn down and now you can’t even tell it was ever at the waterfall. 

The waterfall itself is around fifteen feet tall and surrounded by lush greenery. Rocks make up the majority of the falls basin. The trail downhill to get to the waterfall is very steep so trudge with caution. This isn’t a place I’d recommend going in the winter months or rainy days as the trail may become slippery. This attraction is best enjoyed in the spring and summer. For those who would like to get into the basin of the waterfall, the rocks have developed a lot of algae so you may slip when you step onto one. 

This waterfall is a hidden treasure of Falling Waters and I’d encourage everyone to check it out!