Kidz Power Pacs

Kidz Power Pacs

Carissa Ring , author

Kidz Power Pacs is a feeding ministry for school aged children. They provide weekend, holiday, and summer packs for students. On average this non-profit organization serves over 500,000 meals to students annually. Kidz Power Pac provides schools in the Berkeley county and Jefferson county school districts. 

           Founder Diana Jones Wall and her husband, Danny Wall are the president and Vice President of this organization. Both have been active in ministry since their youth. In 2007 Diana said that God gave her the vision of feeding children and their families. Since then she has been working closely with local schools and providing students with meals. Her organization has had the help of hundreds of volunteers. 

Kidz Power Pacs packing meals for students

    Once a month the Kidz Power Pacs gather at 796 Foxcraft Avenue in Martinsburg. Here they pack bags for children full of healthy, easy-to-open foods. The members of this group are made up of supporters of surrounding churches, non profit, and volunteers. Once packed, the members deliver the packs to local schools to distribute.

    Kidz Power Pacs does not include any food from nearby food banks. All food and items are donated by the volunteers of the group. The group is always looking for more members and more donations, so please check this organization out and give back to your community.

A member of the group wrote a heart touching review of the group online,“I have been with this ministry for 10 years. Through this time, in every trial and every complication…I have witnessed this group come together no matter the odds, and do whatever it takes, to get food to the children of this community that need it. I have first hand met with some of the parents during summer distribution and heard their stories and felt their pain as well as their gratitude. One mother even sent a before and after picture of her refrigerator. It was a sobering picture to see how empty it was, it was even more sobering to see that she was in her work uniform when she picked up the food. The after photo of her freezer stuffed and fridge looking healthy summed up the importance of what we do. This isn’t a one man team…this is a living, breathing ever evolving group of people from our local community coming together to make sure that the little ones don’t have empty bellies. Many volunteers that attend regularly have known hunger or fear a time or two. They relate and are empathetic which drives them a little harder to reach a little further. Community Combined Ministries is not only about feeding people, it’s about waking people up and teaching them to care for their neighbors and giving hope when things seem bleak. It is an honor to serve alongside these people who can and do sacrifice for the sake of others.”