Dip into the New Dunkin


Ash Butts, Author

Dunkin Donuts, also known as Dunkin’, is an  American multinational coffee and donut company that started it’s chain in 1950. Recently a new Dunkin’ opened by Food Lion and the Riverside Development in Falling Waters, WV. Currently, it is take-out and Dine-in, delivery is not an option at this location. Their hours are 5 AM to 9 PM.

Dunkin’ has many different menu items such as breakfast sandwiches, donuts, and coffee. Some of their well known items are their chocolate frosted and glazed donuts. They are classics when it comes to donuts, but that has grown quite popular is Dunkin’s menu. They also tend to do festive menu items throughout the year! An example of this was the Valentine’s Day special. Their 2022 Valentine’s special was 2 heart donuts and 2 new drinks were offered, the Cocoa Mocha Iced Signature Latte and Pink Strawberry Coconut Refresher. 


I really recommend you to visit this Dunkin’. It’s a small location and there is another building being put in beside it. What they are building is still a mystery. This Dunkin’ also isn’t as busy as the Spring Mills location. It’s been quite empty whenever I have gone, a perfect place to hang out with friends if you just need a chill day.

I’ve gone in there a few times and the staff is super friendly. They were great with helping me with making my order, especially when you sometimes struggle with talking to others. They also have 2 machines on the wall to order from but they don’t take cash. We have had a time where they messed up my friend’s order but they were quite fast to fix it and replace it. We all still had a great time and I plan to go back soon.