10 Movies that Made Me Cry to the Point of Exhaustion


Adrianna Krach, Author

Five Feet Apart

A love story about two CF patients who can’t be closer than six feet for their own health and safety. The movie is a known tear-jerker and, for back-up, there’s an alternative ending you can find on YouTube or on the DVD for a pick-me-up.


The Notebook

We know you’ve heard of it. Ladies, as romantic as it may be for a boy to dangle from a Ferris wheel until you accept his date offer, please do have mercy on your boyfriends. Do feel free to cry to this though, that’s perfectly reasonable. 


A Dog’s Purpose

Maybe some may not find this too bad, but I sob every single time the dog changes. This movie does follow the lives and many deaths of a dog named Bailey who finds himself with new owners in new situations every time he comes back. It’s a sweet movie and very cute dogs are involved.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix & Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows

These are the worst of the franchise because the deaths that occur over the three movies are positively heartbreaking.


My Girl

Vada is a young girl learning the lesson of loss all over again. When Vada’s best friend passes, she doesn’t know what to do, but slowly finds her way back and it’s truly hard to keep it together when watching this movie. 


If I Stay

Teenage Mia gets into an unfortunate accident and finds herself in a coma, her family is impatiently waiting and pleading for her to come back. Mia, who is seemingly out of her body, spends time watching those she love beg for her return, and facing her choice of coming back, or letting go and moving on. It’s hard to watch but also an amazing movie. It’s also based on the 2009 book by the same name. 


The Fault In Our Stars

Two cancer patients cross paths and find themselves falling in love, which as you can only imagine has its ups and downs. The two fight to stay alive, stay together, and keep it together as they face new struggles constantly. It has a tinge of dark humor, self deprecating as they accept their fate but also refuse to give up. 


The Fifth Wave

This is more action based, adventure, featuring a huge alien invasion. Cassie Sullivan, a teenage girl whose biggest stress prior to the ship appearing was winning over football star Ben Parish, watches her entire life change as her mom passes, and the world falls to shambles. No electricity, no safe place, no escape. She spends most of the movie on the hunt for her baby brother who she was separated from, but also finds herself falling for a man who saves her as she’s on the run. 

Everything, Everything

Now for a different kind of reason to cry; romance. Everything, Everything is a movie starring Nick Robinson and Amandla Stenberg. Amandla’s character, Maddy, is very sick and cannot leave her house, she really doesn’t want to; until she sees Olly. Olly is her newest neighbor, a boy her age who happens to be her new obsession. As the story goes on, the two fall in love and it poses her with her greatest question. Is it really even worth it to be alive if you’re not living?



Love, Simon

Another book turned film that coincidentally also stars Nick Robinson. Simon Spier is a teenage boy who, while he has a supportive family, and friends who he knows love him, is struggling with coming out. The book goes on as Simon makes a friend on his school’s well-known drama website, who he quickly falls head over heels for. However, the moment Simon’s at his highest, he finds himself spiraling as he’s being blackmailed by another kid at school who has read all of Simon’s emails with his new ‘friend’. The movie is funny, a good watch, and depending on who you are, the things you’ve felt, it’s a very good cry.