Are You Proud to Be a Cardinal; Spring Mills Cheerleaders

Are You Proud to Be a Cardinal; Spring Mills Cheerleaders

Adrianna Krach, Author

    In this article, we’re covering our schools biggest supporters, the Spring Mills High School Cheerleaders! From their bows to their throws, we wanted to see just how our cheer ladies were doing and see what all of the school spirit was about. 


     This season, the team was finally permitted to return to stunting! The girls couldn’t even try to seem more excited about this than they already were. Sophomore, Aleesha Johnson said that stunting is ‘definitely one of the best parts of cheering’. Her friend, Emma Garnett agreed when asked as well, ‘The best part is stunting, and the people around me’. For those who don’t know it by name, stunting is the cool ‘tricks’ the girls do when they’re throwing the flyers, or simply lifting them into the air. You know all those times you watch them head high, eight feet from the ground, full trust in the girls holding them and you’re wondering how they could even manage it? That is stunting. 


     Johnson however, also said that she loves cheer because it’s her home away from home. She has been cheering since the second grade and it’s been one of the loves of her life ever since. “I do have a preference for cheering for football,” she admits. “It,” cheer, “helps me believe in myself and become more confident in my skills and just in life,” Johnson also laughs that “without cheer, I don’t know what I’d do with myself.”  She also plans on continuing to cheer in college. 


While speaking with the girls, we also went straight to the JV source, Coach Tolerance. 


     Tolerance has been a cheer coach for eight years and was a cheerleader herself at one point. According to her, “every year gets sweeter”. When asked what her favorite part about the job was, she said it was all about pulling the skills out of all the athletes thrown her way. She enjoys teaching all of her athletes how to reach their fullest potential. For Tolerance, the fun lies in helping all of her kids be their very best. 


    We also asked about how this season has been, getting back to the fun, new rules and less restrictions. “The year off put some cheerleaders behind,” she stated when asked about getting back to stunting this year, however she followed with, “We refused to allow the off time to affect our drive. We’ve worked hard and it paid off.”


  The JV Coach also said that the new mat requirement has truly raised confidence levels in the teams. “It’s nice to have a safer surface.” 


   Overall, Tolerance said it’s been a great season, with great athletes. She’s got pride in her cheerleaders, and the drive to push them to be the best they can be. 


     Coach and athletes alike, the general consensus is that the past year has been brilliant and everyone is very proud of the things they’ve accomplished. 

    Their excitement now lies in looking forward to next season as the games dwindle down and competition season comes to a close. We wish our cheerleaders the very best and can’t wait to see what comes next!