Spring Mills Track Runs the East


One of the universal sports that pretty much every country has is Track and Field. From Belgium to Belgium, Wisconsin they all have it. And if there’s one sport, Spring Mills fans and students can look forward to its Track. With a history of success and a promising future this article will look at the past, present and future of the Spring Mills track and field team.

Firstly, we must start from the beginning. Ever since 2014 they’ve been killing the running portion of the sport. Two people, Tyler Helwig (11.84 Sec.) for Mens, and Brooklyn Williamson (13.43 Sec.) for Womens set the first ever school records for the 100 meter dash. The first 400 meter records were set by Brian Schlieher (53.46 Sec.) and Lexi Beach (1:03.68). For hurdles it was Jordan Alston (20.14 Sec.) and Kayla Crawford (17.90 Sec.). And for the 1600m it was Stas Itsenko (5:01.69) and Juile Hormes (6:10.44). But that’s just the track part of the sport, and that’s not even all of it, the field is a just as successful ballgame. The first ever Shot Put records were set by Chris Berry (36’ 11.5) and Kaylee Walty (24’ 0.25). Highjump records were set by Hezekiah Dupree (5’8) and Jillian Linton (3’10). And Pole Vaulting by Devon Kidwell (9’6) and Bailey Popkins (6’6). Most if not all of these records have been broken by now by the combination of young talent and great coaching on the way to a very successful present for the team.

Presently, the team has been killing it. The amount of young athletes they’ve sent to states in the past 2 years is astonishing. And they don’t seem to be slowing down. This season, 2022, started Monday, February 28th and seems to be off to a good start. Any and all athletes interested are welcome to join the amazing program. Their most recent completed season saw a number of Spring Mills athletes qualify for states in events including but not limited to: 100 meter, 200 meter, discus, pole vault, long jump, and long distance. This is extremely important for the history, culture and respect of Spring Mills High School.

Hopefully this amazing culture is here to stay. The track and field of spring mills has been no short of astonishing. Let’s see how they do this year and in years to come.