Ask a senior: Edith Kao


Brandon Smith, Author

Senior Edith Kao is an incredible student here at Spring Mills High School. She is in the top 10 of the academic class of 2022. Edith also contributes to a lot of clubs here at Spring Mills such as Leadership, BSU (Black Student Union), DECA, NHS (National Honors Society), MU APLAHA THETA, etc. She had also had many accolades in school sports such as Swimming, and Tennis which she had played for 4 years; winning the E PACK championship her junior year and going to states. 

After Graduating High school, Edith has made going to college her goal. She wants to major in Computer Engineering. After college she wants to be able to get into a big tech company and be able to run her own business (fashion or anything Creative). 

Edith Moved to West Virginia, coming to Spring Mills High during her Sophomore year. “It was hard to adjust moving to West Virginia because it was a different scenery from what I was used to.” She came here in the mist of Covid-19 which inhibited most of her social life in High School all the way through her junior year. “It was a very unfortunate way of coming to Spring Mills even though we were out for almost a year and a half, but I ended up making the most of it and met a lot of great people.” 

School Hasn’t always been a good place to go to since the dynamic hasn’t always been secure. “I wish the school was more inclusive with learning about other peoples’ culture.” “If anything, I would like it if we would have days that we could have culture festivals to just explore other cultures and educate others”.  

“I would advise the freshmen to join as many clubs as they possibly can. It’s a great experience to get to know others and learn more about yourself and about the hobbies that you might acquire. Also, make sure that your grades are on point because it’s going to get even harder to bring up your GPA throughout the rest of your years in High School. Upcoming seniors I would advise you to make a schedule/ list, so you would be organized when it comes to applying to college because it becomes very disorganized and then you become stressed. Also, when applying to colleges don’t exceed a large amount, I would just focus on about 7-10 colleges, so it doesn’t get too stressful trying to balance everything. Also don’t take extra courses or even hard classes it just adds on unnecessary stress to your senior experience. Lastly just have fun and enjoy yourself and being at school, simply because it’s your last year and the adult world is slowly approaching.”