Behind the Great Poet Yimel Hernendez-Gonzalez


Brandon Smith, Author

Yimel Hernandez-Gonzalez Is a Junior Here at Spring Mills High School, and she has accomplished what other would dream of doing at such a young age. She had created a book of short stories and poetry of all the experiences she had faced when being in middle school titled “Transitions: a middle school journey.” Senior Edith Kao stated “Such a great friend and wish nothing but the best for her and all that is to come.”

Yimel wanted to make sure that all her feeling were put into this one book. “I made this book for the girls like me who didn’t have anyone to talk to, and for the people that felt alone even in the happiest of times.” thinking of all her past experiences and making it into something big is such a big accomplishment, especially with inner growth. 

middle school is very tough even when you’re trying to find yourself and the things that you like, especially when being born and raised in Puerto Rico and transitioning to a state such as West Virginia. This changing her perspective of how the world is. “Throughout middle school many people judged me for who I was, this book to me was not only to embrace who I was but to embrace my hardships and the people around me in a different light.” 

As her book begins to climb to its peak, her gratitude for all that has supported her from her friends to her family she is thankful. “I hope that people will be inspired by my work and find comfort in the fact that they are not alone.” wishing nothing but the best for what is to come of her future as an author/ publisher and go support Ms. Yimel by purchasing her book from Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, and