Sweet Frog Is a Must Go


Alex Garland

To eat or not to eat? Ever wanted a delicious, frozen treat that you can enjoy without the thought of clogged arteries and heart disease creeping up behind you? Well, I’m sorry to say this may not be the place for you, but it is certainly a much healthier option than a lot of those places out there, and without the sacrifice of taste.

    First opened in 2009, Sweet Frog was all the rage throughout the early 2010s, and is still a very prominent ‘ice cream’ place that sells frozen yogurt. They offer tons of flavors and toppings ranging from chocolate chips, to candy legos to gummy worms.

The Sweet Frog on Retail Commons Parkway is a very nice and well put-together establishment that I extremely recommend. The cleanliness of the shop is almost unmatched and seldom reciprocated. The people operating can sometimes be hit or miss but generally are very respectful and are always helpful. The dining, although not expected of customers, is super neat and comfy, and they have a really fun whiteboard that any and everyone can draw on. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a sweet treat.