Tutoring and Where To Find It


Alex Garland

Are you struggling with school? GO FIND A TUTOR! As hard as classes can be on their own, having to balance eight at once is crazy to think about. Tutoring is readily available both in-school and out and can be really helpful for major tests, normal classes or anything of the sort.
Believe it or not, tutoring has been around since Ancient Greece! And yet, some of you still don’t even know about it. Tutoring, by definition, means “To teach or guide”, and the tutors at SMHS do an amazing job at that. Readily available throughout the week, official after school tutoring dates are Monday-Thursday, with some changes here and there. The calendar can be checked on our school website or you can just ask each teacher specifically.

Although a broad term, tutoring can be broken down into hundreds of different subjects. In this case Spring Mills offers tutoring help in Science, Social Studies, Geometry, Algebra, Trig/Precalc, Spanish, English, and the SAT and ACT. There is literally no excuse for you not getting help. Besides maybe being busy after school, but if that’s the case, there are copious amounts of teachers who are willing to help you during lunch. After all, they are here to help you succeed.
I urge you to go find help if you need it. Honestly, if you don’t either, even the greatest people still sharpen their skills. Spring Mills has in-school and after-school help in almost every subject, and you should definitely take advantage!