Unnecessary Goldfish Cracker Flavors


Ash Butts, Author

Goldfish Crackers are one of the most popular brands of crackers. They have such a recognizable shape and are known for their variety of flavors, but in my opinion, there are some flavors that are so unnecessary! 


  • Grahms – Vanilla cupcake

This one is probably very debatable but honestly I feel like they suck. Haven’t had most of these but this one in general is just unneeded. The s’mores one makes sense but why this one. Why vanilla cupcakes specifically. I have so many questions.


  • Flavor Blasted – Xtra Cheesy Pizza

If you eat and like these, you are literally an iPad kid. Your phone is probably crusty. Literally just buy Combos or eat pizza. I feel like the price for these is probably more expensive than the other 2 alternatives. I could go on a whole unneeded rant about this.


  • Discontinued – Mac & Cheese

Honestly, it’s good these were discontinued. Who’s eating them? I’ve never had them and I hope they are never brought back. It just sounds like a bad cheddar flavor. Like mac and cheese is great but the idea of making it into a cracker into mac and cheese.


  • Variety – Princess Version

This one just doesn’t make sense. You’re paying extra for a pink fish cracker. That’s the only difference between that and the original flavor. It’s just pink?


  • Flavor Blasted – Cheddar Jack’D

This whole article is opinion based but this one is one i’ve never heard of and it doesn’t make sense. Maybe it tastes great but there’s so many cheese flavors.