A Very Marauders Playlist (Potter Part 2)


Adrianna Krach, Author

I Solemnly Swear I Am Up to No Good.

Hi There!

Welcome to the generation of chaos; Padfoot, Prongs, Moony, and Wormtail.

They roamed Hogwarts years before the Golden Trio, and while JKR may refuse to write them their well deserved spin off, we love them too much to ignore them.

Line Without a Hook – Ricky Montgomery

Talk Too Much – COIN

I Love You So – The Walters

Kilby Girl – The Backseat Lovers

Where’d All The Time Go – Dr. Dog

Pretty Boy – The Neighborhood

Cupid’s Chokehold/ Breakfast om America – Gym Class Heroes

Love & War (Yellow Claw Remix) – Yellow Claw, Yade Lauren

Red – Taylor Swift

Someone to You – BANNERS

Good Old Fashioned Loverboy – Queen

Cold Cold Cold – Cage the Elephant

Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran

505 – Arctic Monkeys

Kiwi – Harry Styles

It’s been nice to have you check in, and we hope you’ll keep coming back!

Mischief Managed.