5 Worst Pop-Tart Flavors


Riley Betterelli, Author

When you think of Pop-Tarts you usually think about the good. Well, if you were curious about what the worst of the worst were I went ahead and found 5 awful flavors for you. 

  • Wild Berry 

It is overly sweet. It also does not taste much like berries. Probably because the only berry listed in the ingredients list is strawberry. There is apple and pear in the ingredients list as well, but they are not berries. 

  • Froot Loops  

Delish described the taste of this Pop-Tart as, “It’s like you macerated all of the Froot Loops in your cereal bowl, made it into a paste, then microwaved it.” The only thing that is good about it is the design on the frosting. 

  • Mer-Mazing Blue Raspberry 

This flavor is overall very confusing. Delish said that “Some flavors don’t need to be turned into a Pop-Tart…and blue raspberry is one of them. It’s great as a Jolly Rancher or a lollipop, but as a toasted pastry, it’s confusing, to say the least.” 

  • Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

In The Know rated this flavor as a 2/5 and described it, “This was absolutely disgusting. It gets one point for having icing inside and another point for at least tasting like chocolate.” It is overall gross. 

  • Frosted Red Velvet 

This flavor was rated as the worst Pop-Tart flavor of all time by In The Know. They described it as, “Frosted red velvet is definitively the winner and by far the worst Pop-Tart flavor of all time. Congratulations to all involved in the creation of this monster.”