Off to States; Spring Mills Production of ‘Much Ado’


Adrianna Krach, Author

Following the Theatre Short-Play Festival held in our very own Theatre, our after school theatre kids found themselves advancing to states! 

Out of five different schools, including Martinsburg, Jefferson, Hedgesville, Musselman, and our own Cardinals, we found ourselves with a ticket to the State Competition! 


States, held in Huntington West Virginia meant that head of our Theatre Department, Mr. Riese had a very long bus ride ahead of him with a group of 20+ Theatre students. Sophomore, Angelina Park said that wasn’t much of an issue however. 


“The bus ride up was pretty good! We watched a ton of movies and stopped at the mall for food,” she shared, “And of course we took a ton of naps!” 


Park also noted that their bus driver for the trip was amazing, so a very special shout out to Mr. Shelton!


When asked how she was feeling about the show, she said she was excited. 


“I knew all of us were good friends so I knew it would be a lot of fun!” 


Angelina was Assistant Show Manager in the scheme of things, spending her time backstage making sure all went well and the show ran smoothly. Using walkie talkies, she communicated with the others backstage helping keep the show on its tracks. 


Much Ado About Nothing, a Shakespeare creation is another romance, the plot seemingly about a couple’s arranged marriage and bringing another couple, who cannot stand one another, come together. Putting on an amazing show is not easy, but lucky for us, our Theatre crew, actors, and Mr. Riese himself, are very talented. Now, talent considered, of course, these kids are not invincible. 


With an estimate of around five hundred people present at States, some students admitted to their nerves, saying while they were excited, of course the idea of performing can be daunting; Morgan Gaither however, a freshman, was not one of those students. 


Much like her friend, Angelina, Morgan was incredibly excited for her adventure with her friends to _. “We did tons of activities”, she said, “like learning how to do tech and about acting and dancing for the camera.”

Gaither, who played Verges in the play, said that her favorite character was Dogberry. Dogberry, played by a dear friend of hers, is her other half in Much Ado About Nothing.


“We actually tell each other all the time that we’re the Dogberry to my Verges and vice versa.”


To Gaither, theatre means the world. “Theatre means a lot to me. New opportunities, new friends, and a family that I am so glad that I have.” As others interviewed in the past have said, she agrees that they’re all very close in the Theatre program and is extremely happy she joined. 


“This year was an amazing trip,” (to States), “and I’m excited for next year.”


With States passing, and our final play of the year, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, our Theatre kids end their adventurous year. As the year closes, our seniors are heading out onto their lives, and we can’t wait to see what they do with their skills in the future. 


With love, and fighting tears, we wish them the best! We’ll miss you guys for years to come, so much more than you’ll ever know. You made it! Congratulations everyone, and may you enjoy sleeping past six!