Important Dates Before the School Year Ends


Riley Betterelli, Author

There are only a few weeks left of school, but there are still a lot of things happening that you might not be aware of. Here are some important dates that you should be aware of. 

  • May 2nd through May 19th  

These days are AP exam dates. The specific exams are Monday, May 2: AP Gov at 8am, Tuesday. May 3: AP Psych at 12pm, Wednesday, May 4: AP Literature at 8am, Thursday, May 5: AP Statistics at 12pm, Friday, May 6: AP US History at 8am, Monday, May 9: AP Calc AB/BC at 8am, AP Comp Sci Prin at 12pm, Wednesday, May 11: AP Spanish at 8am, Thursday, May 12: AP World at 8am, AP Physics at 12pm, Thursday, and May 19: AP Language at 8am. 

  • May 6th  

The Spring Mills Night of the Arts will be on this day at 6:00. Students will be reading their submissions in Lucid Magazine out loud. 

  • Week of May 7th  

May 7th is prom! Taking place at Aspen Hall Manor. The week of May 7th will be spirit week. So, make sure you dress up! 

  • Week of May 9th through the 13th. 

During this week, the seniors will have their Chromebook taken from them. So, make sure you turn in all your missing assignments online before your Chromebook is taken. 

  • Week of May 16th through the 20th  

During this week, sophomores and juniors will have their Chromebooks taken. Make sure you have your Chromebook this week at school. 

  • Week of May 23rd through the 27th  

During this week, freshman will have their Chromebooks taken. Make sure you have your charging chords and all your online assignments done.