Things To Do Before Summer Vacation

Things To Do Before Summer Vacation

Riley Betterelli, Author

The end of the school year is approaching. There’s a lot of things that you probably need to get done before that. Here’s a list of things to remind you of what you need to get done. 

  • Turn in the missing work 

You probably expected this. Seriously though, you need to turn your missing work in. You don’t want to fail the last nine weeks of school, trust me. It won’t look good for you on your transcript. 

  • Start making summer plans 

This is a big one. MAKE PLANS! You don’t want to be that one kid who didn’t make plans and just sits home all day waiting for someone to invite you to something. Whether it’s a summer job, or a vacation, or a schedule, you should plan it, so you are doing something. 

  • Say goodbye to your senior friends 

Whether you’re a senior or not, you will still have senior friends leaving. Make sure you properly say goodbye to them. This might be the last time you will ever see them again.  

  • Be at school 

The school year is almost over. The very least you could do is make it to school. You probably aren’t doing much in your classes anyways. Don’t let those absences ruin your record because you don’t want to show up.