Dancing Through Prom Spirit Week!


Adrianna Krach, Author

It’s Prom season Cardinals! With the dance rapidly approaching on May 7th, signs of such are all around us, some literally. 

Between the talk, the shopping, and the amazingly romantic ‘promposals’ in the halls, everyone is falling into the magic of Prom. To get everyone really into the groove of things, we are having our Prom spirit week starting this upcoming Monday, May 2nd. 

You voted, and Leadership made it official! These are the themes for the 2021-2022 Prom spirit week!

On Monday, we have soccer moms versus barbecue dads. For those of you who drive, I’d even think it’d be fun to borrow your mom’s minivan for a day. Barbecue dads, maybe it’s best to throw on that plaid shirt and cargo shorts. 


For Tuesday’s festivities we have Name Day! Whatever your name starts with, find something else that starts with the same letter and do your best to dress like it. A? Maybe an Alien could be cool! D? You could always double up on the dad outfits and make today your time to be a barbecue dad.


Wednesday is a first for this year with White Lie Tee Day! Go grab a cheap white tee from Walmart and scribble a white lie across the front. Some common ones follow the lines of ‘I’m tall’ or ‘I’m not clumsy’. The idea is something you can really have fun with so participating is really recommended so we can all have a good laugh. 


Thursday! Our Last Luau of the year; you know what to do. Put that flower in your hair and put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt. Take this final Luau as a chance to top all your previous looks this year, go out with a bang if you will. 


For the Finale, the day before Prom, it’s time to Dress Down before you Dress Up! Sweats, PJ’s, band tees, messy buns and no makeup. Let yourself chill out before you get all done up the next day. 


Happy dressing up ( or down), and please do not hesitate to post your prom looks. We’re all looking forward to seeing them!