Throwback Theatre; Production of Grease at Hedgesville High!

Throwback Theatre; Production of Grease at Hedgesville High!

Adrianna Krach, Author

In sports, they’re a rival, in Theatre, they’re our friends.

Hedgesville High is putting on its very own production of Grease!


Starting yesterday, Grease opened to the public at Hedgesville High! The show will be continuing on for tonight and tomorrow. Tonight, April 29th, the play will be showing at  7 pm in the Hedgesville High Auditorium. Tomorrow, there will be two showings of the production; one at 1 pm and another again at 7 pm. 


Admission for students is $10 while admission for adults is $15. 


For those who aren’t familiar with the 1978 movie, Grease follows a very cliche love story. 


Sandy, pretty, innocent and naive, meets the boy of her dreams at the beach; following her summer, she ends up moving coincidentally to the same town. Sandy is unaware of the fact but upon meeting a girl group known as The Pink Ladies, she’s reintroduced to her lover at a football game. 


Quickly, Sandy realizes that the boy she fell in love with that summer was a fake version of the man she was meeting now. Danny Zuko, active member of the T-Birds is a total piece of work, and Sandy’s not having it. As the two carry on, Danny and Sandy figure out how they’re going to make this work, and yet, it fails. The two undergo serious changes in an attempt to make themselves fit into one another worlds and in the end, they realize that they go together perfectly. 


Grease is a musical that captures your attention and doesn’t let you go. We all hope you can find the time to go and see Hedgesville bring the magic to the stage and give you the best Grease experience possible!


You can order your tickets online at! 


We wish you the best time watching! Enjoy your weekend Cardinals!