How SMHS Students Got into the Spooky Spirit 


Marissa Robinson, Author

Wednesday, October 31 was Halloween here in Cardinal Country. 

Halloween is one of the most diverse holidays in terms of how people choose to celebrate it. Some people go trick-or-treating while others may watch scary movies. SMHS students shared what they did this Halloween to celebrate. 

“This year, I watched a Thanksgiving movie with my mom and girlfriend,” said senior Genevieve Edwards-Kauffmann. 

Being a high school student and having Halloween on a school night may not be ideal for some students, as it limited how they chose to celebrate. 

“My friends and I dressed up as the girls from Mean Girls and went trick-or-treating”, said senior Kendall Snyder. 

While some went out on Halloween, others stayed home to celebrate. 

“Traditionally I go trick-or-treating, but I’m a little too old for that now. This year, I spent Halloween doing homework and watching spooky shows and movies to get into the spirit of Halloween,” said senior Maranda Robinson.  

While lots of the students didn’t trick-or-treat, that doesn’t mean they didn’t participate in the holiday at all. 

“This Halloween, I went to my boyfriend Aidan’s house, and we ate pizza together. We gave out candy to the little ones and watched The Shining to get into the spooky spirit,” said senior Meagan Schmuck. 

Being a high student is a lot to handle, but it doesn’t mean fun traditions must end.