Seniors of SMHS Head Towards Their Future

Luigi Santiago, Author

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Seniors at SMHS are getting ready to take the next step in their lives after May 20th by going to college, joining the military or finding a place to work. 

There will be students who will continue their education, while some students will go to college to play sports. There’s also have students who are interested in joining the military, and some students will start working after high school. 

Senior Jacob Michael is planning to go to Shepherd University and pursue a degree in Information Technology. Michael is also interested in West Virginia University and Liberty University. 

“I will surely miss Track & Field and my friends after high school,” said Michael. He is going to miss overnight trips for sports because it was very fun. 

Senior Jose Castillo is planning to go to West Virginia University to become a mechanical engineer. Castillo’s dream job is to be an automotive journalist. He is also interested in going to Marshall University. 

Senior Jose Castillo

“I am going to miss my friends in high school, and I am excited and nervous to be an adult after high school,” said Castillo. 

Senior Zeead Belhachmi is planning to go to college, but he will be attending one of the military service academies and serve the country. Belhachmi is going to West point for his military training. He is very excited for this because he doesn’t have to pay for his college. 

“My dream job is to be a pilot. I want to experience flying jets, or even helicopters and then eventually move into bigger planes,” said Belhachmi.  

The class of SMHS 2019 is excited to graduate and will surely miss all the high school memories. Every day brings them closer and closer to graduation day. High school will be one of the best and fun memories of seniors’ lives.