The Bird's Eye View

2020-2021 Staff

Morgan Ortiz

Morgan is a Junior at Spring Mills High School. She likes to paint and listen to music. Her favorite thing to do outside of school is hangout with friends.

Katelyn Benoit


Katelyn Benoit is a Junior at Spring Mills High School. This is her second year in the Newspaper class. She is the Varsity Goalie for the Spring Mills High School Girls Lacrosse Team. Her favorite things to do outside of school...

Nina Walrath


Nina Walrath is a junior at Spring mills high school. She enjoys science and creative writing but is not fond of math. When she is not in school she loves to spend time with her family and play with her dog, Max.

Lauren Weber


Lauren Weber is a senior at Spring Mills High School part of our newspaper writers team. When Lauren isn't writing, she enjoys running cross country, hiking and hanging out with friends.

Luca Azzani


Luca Cesare Ugo Azzani is a Belga- Franco- Italian senior at SMHS. He is an avid long-pole lax bro and swimmer for the Cardinal Country. He amuses himself with perusing the truth in his journalistic duo. It is his fifth year in...

Carson Thomas


You probably know him as a runner-up in a Marlowe Elementary second grader writer's competition. Carson was the writer of several TV shows that never made it out of Ron Howard's spam folder. Due to his clear success as a writer,...

Yimel Hernandez-Gonzalez


Yimel is a new sophomore at SMHS. She's bilingual, likes to write, paint, dance, and bake. She also believes that life is always better if you hold onto love, hope and faith.

Georgia Hensley


Georgia Hensley is a senior at Spring Mills High School. With a curious mind, she loves to travel and expose herself to different cultures, religions, and ideals. She extends her desire to grow into her everyday hobbies, constantly...

Mrs. Jorgensen


Mrs. Jorgensen is an English, Newspaper, and Yearbook teacher at Spring Mills High School. When she’s not advising the online school newspaper or editing yearbook pages, she likes to play guitar, go hiking, and collect a rath...

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