The Bird's Eye View

2019-2020 Staff

Hannah Marambio


Hannah Marambio is a senior at SMHS. She loves iced coffee, scaring herself with horror movies, blowing her money on fake nails, going to Wing stop, and her boyfriend. She can’t wait to graduate and is still mad that high school...

Paige Kilmer


Kilmer is a junior at SMHS whose sleep schedule is completely off. Maybe because she has been up playing Jenga or maybe because she thinks that she turns into Post Malone at 3 AM. Either way, she’s here to write some articles...

Josalyn Junkin


Senior Josalyn Junkin has been apart of the journalism department going on 3 years. When she's not editing the yearbook she enjoys cozy blankets, long walks on the beach, WWE, and beating her opponents to a pulp.

Katelyn Benoit


Sophomore Katelyn Benoit enjoys all things music, playing lacrosse, and spending time with the people she loves the most. If she could go back to anytime period, she would go back to the early 2000’s because that’s when the...

Rylea Wilson


Rylea is a senior at SMHS. She enjoys cheerleading for the high school varsity team. Rylea has a boyfriend who is in the Marines and tries to strive everyday to be strong. She works at Walmart and loves making the money, but she...

Ryenn Snyder


Ryenn Snyder is a sophomore at Spring Mills High School. She loves animals, her phone, her friends, and her mom.

Mrs. Jorgensen


Mrs. Jorgensen teaches English, Newspaper, and Yearbook at Spring Mills High School. She enjoys reading, hiking, and playing guitar. Jorgensen loves the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and she is quite excited about th...

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